1. IT IS HERE! DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE : lightgreyartlab.com

    Okay guys. I’ve been spending the last month of my life putting together something that I am super proud of! In just a couple weeks the Great Personality show opens at Light Grey Art Lab and I’ve had the amazing pleasure of working with 50+ artists, creators & other amazing people to make some killer interactive dating sims come to life! The whole show is based on the Myers-Briggs personality types and the science behind Feng Shui and the perfect ‘ambiance’. 

    Here are some screen caps from the Virtual Novel / Dating Sims that will be launching over the course of the show! Not only can you date each of the 32 characters, but they are amazing, diverse, incredible people. They span the gamut - not only in ethnicity and gender, but they carry personality traits that we know, and lust over. From the bookish and shy, to the forceful and strong-willed. 

    We’ll eventually have them posted so you can download them here: You’ll have to wait til January 24th!

    My contribution has been in the coding and story-writing of all four games and all of the title screen / playable and functional assets (the background stuff as always :) ) Get ready for animated sprites, amazing ambient background animations and a series of easter-eggs hidden in the games :)

    I think you guys will be impressed.

    Obviously 2013 is almost over and I am counting down my hours making a bunch of games rather than out getting ready to party. I know it’ll be so worth it. Man, I love my job. I’ll make sure to post more teasers soon (Hopefully a video of some of the game-play so you can see it in action…maybe even a little downloadable playable game, who knows.)

    Amazing artwork in the above sills by Claire Hummel, Manuel Kilger, Evan Montiero, Elise Hatheway, Lynn Wang and Jen Mundy. For the full list of artists and the details about the show visit our Facebook invite or our blog post! 

    Please help me spread the word! It’d mean a lot to me and the rest of the amazing people that helped make this a reality!! :)

    ——Lindsay Nohl

    lindsaynohl.com • lightgreyartlab.com

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