1. Yay! Only a couple more days until the 6 Degrees Exhibition opening reception at Light Grey Art Lab! I’m super excited because it combines several of my favorite things - Mail Art, Stationery, Art, Hometowns, a group of amazingly talented sweethearts, and Light Grey Art Lab. :) 

    My piece is printed on 110lb stock, matte, with gold and neon orange embossing powder! (by hand!) 

    The concept of the show was to show a tiny slice of life in an edition of 100 postcards. Each artist concentrated on where they live, what they do, or what they love, and the combination of everyone’s little life-bits are incredibly charming and each one says a lot about the person that made it!

     Since I live in Minneapolis (and have been here since college) I totally am 100% filled with MPLS pride! One of the things that we’re strangely proud of here (though most of us aren’t totally into it) is how we can survive the most bitter weather. That, and we’ve got quite an awesome tea and coffee culture here. My loves — all together at once. 

    If you’re in Minneapolis and if you want to escape the snow, you should totally stop by this Friday from 7 - 10pm at Light Grey! Here’s a link to the FB invite. :) And a link to the shop where you can find the whole collection. 


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    i love all of this! beautiful mailart featuring my hometown (which i dearly miss) ❤️
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