1. You guys! I’m so excited! The horoscope designs that I did for Vessel Drinkware are now real! This was a total dream project and the designs come in metallic gold and black - totally awesome. I think they’ll be on a couple other items, too, like water bottles and mugs very soon! You can find the growler here.

    lindsay nohl

  2. Drew Artemis as the babiest of all kitties for the Sailor Moon 50 Collab. Thanks to Chelsey Holeman for asking me to be a part of it. Check out the full poster here with the rest of the art from everyone!

  3. Here’s my piece for the ANIMYSTICS show that is happening at Light Grey Art Lab this Friday! I did one in traditional media this time of some canaries! I’ve been very lucky to have had three canaries in my lifetime, Dean, Hank 1 and Hank 2. Dean was a red factor canary, and a gorgeous pink color, and the Hanks were a bright golden yellow! They were all so wonderful with beautiful songs and such charming, funny personalities! 

    If you’re in Minneapolis this Friday, you should totally stop by and see all of the amazing artwork! There are over 100 pieces of animal related works on the walls and it looks incredible! Not to mention that a portion of all the sales from the event will go toward three different animal rescues! Mine are going to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue — a local shelter, where my pug mix, Twinkle came from! 

    Here’s a link to my print! They’re $20 and I’ll be contributing all of my proceeds to the rescue! 

    The original is also for sale as well! It’s a watercolor, gouache and graphite piece that is 12” x 16”. :)

    Thanks for helping me spread the word about the show!



    Animal Type: Avian

    Animal Name: Canary

    Physical Attributes: These cheerful birds range from pale yellow to bright gold, to soft peaches and pinks. They’re small in stature and soft looking, with delicate features and small, shining eyes.

    Other Abilities: Canaries are a symbol of infinite joy and jubilation. They are creative in the ways they compose songs and are a symbol of creativity and showmanship. They are a never ending source of optimism. Symbolically, they also promote self confidence and pride in one’s work.

    You can see more work by this artist on their website here: 

  4. I had a great day today! Seriously one of the best in a long time! Not only did I get to go and treat myself to buying another copy of Darklands (totally the best old RPG computer game EVER) I got a ridiculous binder full of old Joe Jusko cards from some guy that was selling them at Minicon. They’re like the 90s meets Lisa Frank. So much feathered hair. SO MUCH.

    Besides that, I finally got around to photographing some of my tea cups that I made in the last several months and listing them on my Etsy shop! Huge thanks to Chris Hajny for taking these awesome photos :) Totally psyched!


  5. Black and White Venus Flytrap Drawing! All I want to do is sit around and draw white things on black backgrounds. Excited to have some free time after the next couple weeks to do a small series! I think I’m going to do a couple pieces of work that are a little organic, a little darker, and a little bit more type-related after these. Prints available on Etsy, too! 

  6. Little dusty drawing of a bird I made. Now a print in my Etsy shop! 
    I’m totally into making these white-on-black prints. I think I’m going to be on a kick for a while…

  7. Frog! I have been really into working with a combination of digital and pencil. This is a drawing I did of a little frog nested in a bunch of foliage! I just listed it on my etsy shop here among a couple other new prints! :)


  8. Hey guys! I finally opened up an Etsy shop! I have just a few things on it right now, but I’m excited to keep posting all of the things I make in my free time. The first four things I’ve got on my shop are some of my pencil drawings :) I usually post them before finishing them to my instagram — if you guys want to peek at some of the raw ones, come find me! 

    This one is of a collection of mushrooms. Delicious and fun to draw :)

  9. lightgreyartgallery:

    We JUST launched an insane new call for artists! DREAM ARCADE, our September exhibition, will feature a gallery filled with new 2d Platformers! We’ve got help from David Washington, awesome guy and amazing coder, to put together a show that pays homage to the glorious 8-bit days with true, interactive, games! Check out the call for art and the sample game HERE on the blog post, and if you’re interested in making worlds with us, sign up to participate! The Call for Art ends APRIL 23! 

    If you’ve ever wanted to design the characters and world for a platformer game, here’s your chance! We have been researching ways for interested artists to design the environments, the enemies, and the heroes in a new exhibition that will explode everyone’s faces with awesomeness! During the month of September we’ll transform the gallery into an actual arcade, and the walls will be lined with YOUR GAMES. All of which will be tied together by a dimension-hopping storyline! 

    You could make an all-slime universe, a kitten-filled candy paradise, a hamburger land with mustard waterfalls, or a barbarian’s loin-cloth dream! If you’ve ever said “I’d love to see a game where…” now’s your chance! No need to know anything about making games — if you’re a platformer fan and an artist, check out the call!

    The end result will be the DREAM ARCADE, and an epic journey that pays homage to the classic games of the 8 and 16 bit generations! 

    Thanks and please help us spread the word to anyone that may be interested in collaborating! :)

    —-Light Grey!

    Hey guys! We are transforming the gallery into an arcade! Looking for artists that want to collaborate on 2d Platformers! :) Please help spread the word to anyone you think might be interested! Glad to be helping on this project! 

  10. The funny thing about being so heavily involved at Light Grey Art Lab is that I often find myself plotting and scheming top secret things all day. A little piece of me wants to tell people what I’m doing, but I always have to wait until the right moment to show some of the things that we’re up to. 

    These are some pieces I designed as prototypes for an upcoming exhibition using the crystal illustrations I did last year. I have always made jewelry in my spare time, and it felt like a super fun project to do with Light Grey, so we’re finally putting the concept to good use! I just put a call for art up on the blog  for anyone that wants to try their hand at designing jewelry :) It should be a blast! 

    Some day I’ll put these babies up on my long defunct etsy shop :) Until then, I’ll keep making random things and brainstorming new Light Grey shows.