1. Black and White Venus Flytrap Drawing! All I want to do is sit around and draw white things on black backgrounds. Excited to have some free time after the next couple weeks to do a small series! I think I’m going to do a couple pieces of work that are a little organic, a little darker, and a little bit more type-related after these. Prints available on Etsy, too! 

  2. Little dusty drawing of a bird I made. Now a print in my Etsy shop! 
    I’m totally into making these white-on-black prints. I think I’m going to be on a kick for a while…

  3. Frog! I have been really into working with a combination of digital and pencil. This is a drawing I did of a little frog nested in a bunch of foliage! I just listed it on my etsy shop here among a couple other new prints! :)


  4. Hey guys! I finally opened up an Etsy shop! I have just a few things on it right now, but I’m excited to keep posting all of the things I make in my free time. The first four things I’ve got on my shop are some of my pencil drawings :) I usually post them before finishing them to my instagram — if you guys want to peek at some of the raw ones, come find me! 

    This one is of a collection of mushrooms. Delicious and fun to draw :)

  5. lightgreyartgallery:

    We JUST launched an insane new call for artists! DREAM ARCADE, our September exhibition, will feature a gallery filled with new 2d Platformers! We’ve got help from David Washington, awesome guy and amazing coder, to put together a show that pays homage to the glorious 8-bit days with true, interactive, games! Check out the call for art and the sample game HERE on the blog post, and if you’re interested in making worlds with us, sign up to participate! The Call for Art ends APRIL 23! 

    If you’ve ever wanted to design the characters and world for a platformer game, here’s your chance! We have been researching ways for interested artists to design the environments, the enemies, and the heroes in a new exhibition that will explode everyone’s faces with awesomeness! During the month of September we’ll transform the gallery into an actual arcade, and the walls will be lined with YOUR GAMES. All of which will be tied together by a dimension-hopping storyline! 

    You could make an all-slime universe, a kitten-filled candy paradise, a hamburger land with mustard waterfalls, or a barbarian’s loin-cloth dream! If you’ve ever said “I’d love to see a game where…” now’s your chance! No need to know anything about making games — if you’re a platformer fan and an artist, check out the call!

    The end result will be the DREAM ARCADE, and an epic journey that pays homage to the classic games of the 8 and 16 bit generations! 

    Thanks and please help us spread the word to anyone that may be interested in collaborating! :)

    —-Light Grey!

    Hey guys! We are transforming the gallery into an arcade! Looking for artists that want to collaborate on 2d Platformers! :) Please help spread the word to anyone you think might be interested! Glad to be helping on this project! 

  6. The funny thing about being so heavily involved at Light Grey Art Lab is that I often find myself plotting and scheming top secret things all day. A little piece of me wants to tell people what I’m doing, but I always have to wait until the right moment to show some of the things that we’re up to. 

    These are some pieces I designed as prototypes for an upcoming exhibition using the crystal illustrations I did last year. I have always made jewelry in my spare time, and it felt like a super fun project to do with Light Grey, so we’re finally putting the concept to good use! I just put a call for art up on the blog  for anyone that wants to try their hand at designing jewelry :) It should be a blast! 

    Some day I’ll put these babies up on my long defunct etsy shop :) Until then, I’ll keep making random things and brainstorming new Light Grey shows. 


  7. fezzine:

    I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a piece from Lindsay Nohl! She is the creative genius behind Light Grey Art Lab, Paper Bicycle, and 101 Florals. I was shocked that she wanted to contribute to this considering how booked she is with amazing projects, but so thrilled that she did (and honored)!

    I love this piece for the colors and the textures and how freaking cute Gomez is in this! Since it’s her birthday today, I’m throwing in a Wednesday post and will still post another piece tomorrow morning! Thanks for this one, Lindsay!

    (P.S. extra cool layer - she wrote a sort of unidentifiable version of FEZ’s alphabet as a way to convey how it feels to play the game the first time when you can’t really read the language. So cool!)

    Here’s my piece for Kevin Jay Stanton’s Fezzine! I had a blast making it! Many thanks to Kevin for inviting me! :D

  8. I am absolutely THRILLED to pieces that the amazing Jennifer Tolo Pierce asked me to participate in the new Design School Wisdom book published by Chronicle! So this year I was floored to realize that I have been teaching for 10 years at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. (Where I went to school!!) I’m really proud of all of my awesome students, what they’ve done over the years, and the community of amazing people that I’ve met while there! It’s been great being a teacher — one of the best things about it is helping people out wherever I can and trying to make the art world a little easier to access.

    I am totally flattered that they’ve included me in this book and totally stand by everything I said! Hooray!! 



  9. lindsaynohl:

    Okay guys. I’ve been spending the last month of my life putting together something that I am super proud of! In just a couple weeks the Great Personality show opens at Light Grey Art Lab and I’ve had the amazing pleasure of working with 50+ artists, creators & other amazing people to make some killer interactive dating sims come to life! The whole show is based on the Myers-Briggs personality types and the science behind Feng Shui and the perfect ‘ambiance’. 

    Here are some screen caps from the Virtual Novel / Dating Sims that will be launching over the course of the show! Not only can you date each of the 32 characters, but they are amazing, diverse, incredible people. They span the gamut - not only in ethnicity and gender, but they carry personality traits that we know, and lust over. From the bookish and shy, to the forceful and strong-willed. 

    We’ll eventually have them posted so you can download them here: You’ll have to wait til January 24th!

    My contribution has been in the coding and story-writing of all four games and all of the title screen / playable and functional assets (the background stuff as always :) ) Get ready for animated sprites, amazing ambient background animations and a series of easter-eggs hidden in the games :)

    I think you guys will be impressed.

    Obviously 2013 is almost over and I am counting down my hours making a bunch of games rather than out getting ready to party. I know it’ll be so worth it. Man, I love my job. I’ll make sure to post more teasers soon (Hopefully a video of some of the game-play so you can see it in action…maybe even a little downloadable playable game, who knows.)

    Amazing artwork in the above sills by Claire Hummel, Manuel Kilger, Evan Montiero, Elise Hatheway, Lynn Wang and Jen Mundy. For the full list of artists and the details about the show visit our Facebook invite or our blog post! 

    Please help me spread the word! It’d mean a lot to me and the rest of the amazing people that helped make this a reality!! :)

    ——Lindsay Nohl

    lindsaynohl.com • lightgreyartlab.com

    The first of these games comes out THIS FRIDAY! Here’s a link to the website so you can take a peek and make sure you get the download! 

    If you haven’t seen the trailer yet for the first game, here you go! 

  10. lightgreyartgallery:

    Great Personality opens this Friday, January 24th! Which means we’re on the verge of launching the first of four interactive dating-sim games based on the Myers-Briggs personality types! 

    The first game will feature the Guardians, a lovable collection of characters who are the fabric of society; the defenders and protectors of the traditions, rules, and world around them.

    We’re super excited to finally let you all get your hands on this, we’ve been working non-stop to prepare, and we think you’ll love it!

    Keep your eye on our site, lightgreyartlab.com, for the download coming in a few days! Each game will be free to download, although we’ll have an option to donate if you’d like to support more projects like this one in the future!

    What I’ve been working on every waking moment of my life! So excited to share the trailer with you guys! Opens this Friday and the first of 4 games will be free to download on the website!